October 9, 2017


About GNN

GNN Research Group has emerged as the most trusted market research firm that provides well-researched data and critical market information helping customers understand their markets and customers, empowering them to take crucial operational and strategic business decisions.

We build the confidence of our clients through precise market research performed both online and offline.

Based in Dubai, GNN Research Group is the online panel specialist with impeccable credentials that you can trust to provide the most authentic service in the creation and operation of panels. In existence since 2007, GNN has won the trust and patronage of a growing list of satisfied clients’ with their solutions that aid clients in making strategic business decisions. GNN has grown over the years in size, research skills, credentials, experience, project size, project diversity and client mix.

We render fully customized, cost-effective solution across multiple panels and multiple fields to cater to your research needs. We also partner with companies to fulfill their research needs and you can contact us to explore options.

Our Business Values

GNN Research Group derives its operational and strategic drive from its larger business principles and philosophy. Our Mission and Vision guide us at every turn.


To become the first-choice research partner of customers that acknowledge the company’s dedication to the success and value addition of its clients, our growing competence, innovation and loyalty to the highest business standards.


  • Customer trust and Value-addition is primary
  • Number one in market position and customer’s choice
  • A company where people give of their best at work
  • The company and its people learn, grow and enrich themselves at every turn

GNN History

GNN Research was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in Dubai. We began with specific strengths and capabilities that we wanted to build and expand to become an online panel specialist. The first milestone in our journey came in 2008 when we achieved a contact base of 10,000 respondents/month in UAE. Our expansion started in 2009 when we established our presence in Saudi Arabia and by 2010 we had achieved a contact base of 40,000 respondents/month in UAE and KSA.

Another proud moment in our journey was when we started the division of Healthcare Research in 2011. By 2012 we had expanded to involve respondents in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar and the next year we had established a strong foothold in all 17 Middle Eastern countries. Expanding further, we reached a panel respondent contact base of 80,000/month in 2014 which further passed the coveted million mark when we touched 1.1M respondents world wide in 2015. And we do believe the best is yet to be.

Office Locations

Market Presence

GNN Research is a full service mobile and internet based proprietary research panels across Middle East and Asia. The graphic here represents our presence in each market and the strength of our respondents’ base. Visit our Coverage section to know our specific strengths and capabilities.

Countries - GNN Research Group

countries – GNN Research Group

GNN Specialization

We specialize in creating and servicing online market research panels.

We are known to have quality recruitment and sampling methods. We start by taking a unique, communicative approach.

We specialize in various types of methodologies for which we have appointed experts to supervise the standalone projects. Following constitute the main services offered byGNN Research Group:

  • Online Sampling
  • Healthcare Research
  • CATI
  • CAPI
  • CAWI
  • ITI
  • FGD
  • CLT

We care for the concerns of our clients, hence, we have smartly managed our firm that efficiently handles big-ticket projects as well as caters to the needs of smaller market players. We are your reliable partners in expanding your business horizons and reach the height of success that you aspire for. Join hands with us to become a market force to reckon with.

  • Company Founded in Dubai

  • 10k/month respondent in UAE

  • presence in Saudi Arabia

  • 40K/month respondent in UAE and KSA

  • division of Healthcare Research

  • respondents in Bahrain, Kuwait Kuwait, Oman and Qatar

  • strong foothold in all 17 middle eastern countries

  • reached panel of 80k/month respondents

  • passes 1.1M respondents world wide