October 9, 2017

Online Panel

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The mission of GNN Research Group is to help its client take decisions on the basis of the best possible information. To find more of our geographical coverage and our panel please go through our Panel Book

And GNN provide the quality service for the job in time. We maintain our data qualiy and validate by Answers to ESOMAR

We provide a one stop shop to conduct online surveys across GCC and Asian markets. We offer our proprietary panel service and partner with our associates to offer research panel services.

GNN has its own panels in GCC, African and Asian regions where we operate and build proprietary panels. We also work with third party local and regional panel providers in rest of the world. Whether you are looking for a provider of affordable panels in GCC and Asia or need a research company that offers a full range of services to conduct an online survey, GNN can help.

Specifically we focus on panel building services for clients. For our customers that are looking at building panels in GCC and Asia, we can address their need to reach audiences and represent different ethnic, socio-economic groups. We offer panel recruitment services and a full build and management service. We operate these panels on behalf of the client.

Our services include:

  • Panel Planning
  • Panel Recruitment
  • Panel Management
  • Niche Panels
  • Short Term Panels / Communities

Panels are the mainstay of our work and we work to ensure its success. Our quality policy also lays focus on the standards and the values we stand for and it extends to our panels as well. Our panel quality is ensured right from the recruitment process till the completion of projects– from the judicious selection of panelists to ensuring that panel responses are accurate. While we focus on research methodologies we also undertake an objective analysis of the panelists’ expertise and field experience in creating and operating panels. This judicious selection process of panels has seen us create and operate successfully, several online panels of domain-specific experts.

GNN Research also works on the aspect of growing panels. We grow and expand panels through organic growth and without the acquisition of panelists from co-registration sites. GNN Research Group keeps track of the activities and behaviors of the online panelist in order to ensure that they do not act in contravention to our quality policy, which may lead to deterioration of the data quality. We also use technological innovations to ensure quality and appropriate responses by weeding out fudged or duplicated response.

We help companies to assess the public opinion by conducting Opinion polls. These surveys or polls help gauge the public opinion, perception and feelings about various issues related to social, business and political importance affecting the daily life of the people and the demand and supply scenario. Our customers get a broader view about the population at large from the sample studies. We apply different techniques to ensure that the results are fairly accurate. These studies are ideally conducted at regular intervals to understand the constantly changing nature of society and markets.

Technology has made many tasks simple and easy and market research is no exception. We enable organizations save time and money while taking smart quick decisions on various issues affecting the business through our online market research solutions.

Online research act as a key enabler to a business, from obtaining information about demography to consumer reviews about a product, online surveys. Getting answers at the click of a button using online surveys makes it easy but it takes a high level of capability, experience and expertise to execute these and GNN Research has proved that it has what it takes to execute an effective and efficient online market research project successfully.

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Of course, GNN Research also provides market research and support services to companies ranging from boutique research agencies to large consulting firms, globally. Our ‘regular’ on-field market research offerings have helped our clients understand critical aspects of their markets and find support for their important marketing decisions. Our clients appreciate our quick response to their needs in defining the markets, demand estimation, branding, pricing, new product development, customer opinion and strategies related to market entry, marketing and distribution.
Over the years we have built our robust capabilities in different areas of market research that make us our clients’ first choice to information needs to implement new thoughts and fresh ideas.

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Apart from collecting data through projects we also provide data analysis services to help companies understand and derive value from the data. We drill deeper into the data and bring forth the data implications, data linkages and relationships. We also synthesize different sources of data while analyzing multiple sources of data to deliver the insights that organizations need.

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We also provide specialized data coding and data analysis services to businesses across diverse domains and segments such as IT, Media, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Medical and Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, etc. Our services include cleansing, verification and validation and we also summarize and present the data in the preferred file format or database for our customers.

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GNN is a leading service provider in the field of conducting professional market research services. Our expertise lies in both quantitative & qualitative research studies and we are equally competent in both primary and secondary research based services.

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Research design is a heart of research process and our proposed research designs are based on a set of principles that lay stress on sound market research practices while manifesting a deep and current understanding of the technologies, markets and trends. Our research objectives are based on an understanding of the customer’s situation and decisions needs. Our methodologies for the project are chosen so that they best meet the research objectives within the client’s time and budget constraints.

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of different research options in the context of the customer’s needs and offer them the optimum choice. Needless to say, the highest levels of professional standards are maintained in managing and executing the research program.

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We understand that businesses face unique business challenges and need specific research solutions. GNN offers customized market research and intelligence services to organizations which require specific inputs for strategic planning in relation to their specific business needs. We understand your needs and employ creative and effective methodologies that provide you the solution.

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We offer standard services that we have designed for common problems in business. Here we apply our unique methodology to find solutions, which reduces cost of research design and makes the research process easier.

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GNN offers a large number of high quality research reports across a broad range of industries. The reports draw on in-depth primary and secondary research, databases of proprietary in-house data and meticulous analysis by our analysts and experts.

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